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Who monitors COVID-19 cases at Rosedale Baptist School?  

The COVID response team monitors all positive cases, COVID-like illness cases, and close contact exposure cases.  The team is made up of school administration and school nurses. 

Where do you obtain information on safety measures and protocols for our school?

We work closely with a representative from the Baltimore County health department.   The Maryland Department of Health and Maryland State Department of Education have given specific guidance on how to operate schools, safety measures, and dealing with COVID cases.

Are masks required to be worn?

We are encouraging the use of masks in school, but are not requiring them at this time. 

When should I keep my children home from school?

If your child has a new cough, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, loss of taste or smell, fever over 100 F, chills, shivering, body aches, sore throat, headaches, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fatigue, congestion, or runny nose.  Please have your child see a doctor to determine if an alternate diagnosis will be given, or an approved COVID test should be ordered. If there is a confirmed positive COVID case in your home, your child may not come to school.

When should we quarantine?

Quarantine—keeping someone home who might have been exposed to COVID to prevent the spread of the virus.  This helps prevent spread before you may even be experiencing symptoms. If you are in quarantine, you should stay home, separate from others, and monitor your health. You should quarantine if you know you were exposed to someone who tested positive to the virus.  RBS will notify close contacts or pertinent individuals if someone at school tests positive. You should quarantine if you have a positive test or someone in your home has a positive COVID test. 

How long is a quarantine?

Per CDC recommendation, quarantine for 10 days from your last exposure to the COVID positive individual.  Continue to monitor your health for the full 14 days after exposure to the individual.  If you are positive, quarantine for 10 days from the positive test or from when your first symptoms started. 

If parents or children have COVID-19, what should I do?

If you test positive for COVID, alert the COVID response team right away: covid19@rbspanthers.org. Quarantine at home for 10 days from the onset of symptoms or from the day of your positive test if you have no symptoms.  All persons in the household should quarantine.  If there are family members who test negative and those that test positive, ISOLATE (separate people that are infected away from those that are not infected—separate room and separate bathroom if possible) the positive persons away from the family.   You may return after 10 days if you are fever free for 24 hours without fever reducing medications and your other symptoms have improved.  If you are unable to avoid contact with the positive family member, you must start your quarantine AFTER the positive family member is released from isolation.   The exposed person must undergo additional time for quarantine because the person could have been infected on the final day of the family member’s isolation. 

Will my child be penalized for missing school?

No, the most important thing is to stay in communication with the school about your health status.  We would rather you be well and the students safe than push yourself to come to school if you are ill.    If your child is absent temporarily for quarantine or actual COVID virus, they will be counted as present. There is no perfect attendance award this year.

What is our academic responsibility while my child is in quarantine?

All students in Kindergarten through 12th grade that communicate with the covid response team regarding a quarantine will be sent instructions for completing missing work. 

Who should I communicate with about my child’s illness?

Please email the COVID-19 response team with all information about COVID exposures, COVID test results, and questions you may have about quarantines, etc.  If you would like your child set up on virtual learning, this is also the place to request that.  Someone will reach out to you as soon as possible after we receive that email. 

Do I have to quarantine or get a COVID test after traveling?

Please follow current Maryland State guidelines concerning travel. 

Is the COVID vaccine required for staff or students at school?

The vaccine is not mandatory.  We will let you know if there is any additional guidance we receive on this matter as it evolves. Due to privacy laws and regulations, our staff has been instructed to not discuss their vaccination status. 

RBS Illness Policy 

General A child who sees a physician for a sickness (not a general check-up) should have a note from the doctor indicating when the child may return to the school. 

Fever  A child with a fever of 100 degrees or higher will not be admitted to or permitted to stay in school. The child may be permitted to stay if they have had a recent vaccine.  The child may return to school when they stay fever free for 24 hours without medication. 

Vomiting One episode of vomiting in the absence of other signs of illness may not be a problem. The student will be evaluated by the office after the occurrence. One episode a day for two days or two episodes in one day will require the child to be sent home.  The child may return when a doctor has cleared the child, or the child has not vomited for 24 hours without medications. 

Diarrhea or Frequent Bathroom Use In the absence of other illness signs, the child may be permitted to stay as long as: the child has had only one episode, and it is contained within the bathroom.  The child will be excluded when; the child has more than one episode or the child soils their clothes. The child must remain at home for 24 hours after the last episode without medicine.  

Rash – Any rash with fever or behavioral changes will result in a child being sent home.  The child will need clearance from a doctor to return. If the rash appears severe enough but does not have a fever, a parent may be called by the office. 

Eyes – Any child with red swollen eyes; white or yellow discharge or crusting around the eyes will be sent home until seen and cleared by a doctor to attend.  If the child is diagnosed with pink eye, he needs to be on treatment for 24 hours before he may return.  

Strep Throat – A child with a sore throat in the absence of a fever may stay.  If the child is diagnosed with strep throat, he must be on antibiotic treatment for 24 hours before he may return. 

Cold A child will be permitted to attend unless he has a fever that is over the allowable limit. If the child has any discolored nasal discharge with other symptoms such as coughing, watering eyes, fever, or lethargy, he will be sent home until cleared by a doctor or when the symptoms subside.  

Coughing A child with a persistent or uncontrollable cough will not be admitted to school.  He may be readmitted with clearance from a doctor or after the cough subsides. Exception: a child with a documented case of asthma. 

Generally Not Feeling Well – If a child continually complains of not feeling well throughout the school day and is behaving in a manner that is not his regular behavior, a parent may be called to discuss how he feels and whether he should go home. 

***Any child who misses 3 or more consecutive days due to illness will need a doctor’s clearance to be readmitted to school.*** DOCTOR’S CLEARANCE MUST BE IN WRITTEN FORM.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

RBS Illness Policy COVID-19 Addendum 

(in accordance with MDH/MSDE ELC Guidelines dated August 13, 2021)

COVID-19 and COVID-19 like illness- New onset cough or shortness of breath or at least 2 of the following: fever of 100 or higher, chills, shivering, muscle pain, sore throat, headache, loss of sense of taste or smell, and gastrointestinal symptom (nausea, vomiting or diarrhea) as defined by the MDH/ MSDE..

Communicable Disease Reporting- A parent must notify us when a child is tested for COVID-19 and when a member of his/ her household tests positive for COVID-19 or has COVID-19 like illness.

COVID-19 or COVID-19 like illness Report & Symptom Checklist- If a staff or child presents with symptoms of COVID-19 or COVID-19 like illness then a Symptom checklist and report will be generated. Children will be isolated and parents will be called to collect within 1 hour and will be recommended to talk to their health care provider about testing or whether there is another specific diagnosis. 

Return to Campus without a Test- According to MDH/MSDE, a person that does not receive laboratory test or another specific alternative diagnosis by their health care provider must stay at home at least 10 days since symptoms first appeared and until no fever for at least 24 hours without medication and improvement of symptoms. If a person has a healthcare provider document that they have another specific diagnosis or the health care provider documents that the symptoms are related to a pre-existing condition then that person can return to campus.

Return to Campus after a Negative Test- If ill, the person should stay home until symptoms have improved. 

Return to Campus after Positive Test- According to current CDC guidelines, a child may return to campus 10 days after a positive case and they are symptom free and without a temperature for 24 hours or a specific diagnosis, such as ear infection, allergies, etc.

Close Contacts- Close contacts should stay home for up to 14 days from the date of last exposure. If they have no symptoms, quarantine may be ended earlier with an approved negative COVID-19 test after 7 days. Close contacts of those with negative tests do not need to stay home as long as they remain asymptomatic.