Dual Enrollment

Rosedale Baptist School is partnering with the Community College of Baltimore County Essex to offer dual enrollment classes to junior and senior students. CCBC is regionally accredited through the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, which will enable students to be well prepared for a successful future in any field. Approved classes taken through the dual enrollment program will fulfill high school requirements for graduation while also gaining credits for college classes. 

Disclaimer: Each college determines its own prerequisites for its academic program, and each student is responsible to contact any potential colleges to confirm if a desired class will be considered a prerequisite for a desired academic field. Rosedale Baptist School cannot guarantee that any of these general education classes will be accepted by the educational institution in which a student enrolls after graduation.


Juniors and seniors who are interested in registering for dual enrollment classes must first complete an online application and a parental consent form with CCBC. The application process can be done independently at home or on Rosedale’s school campus. Once this process is completed, each student will be required to visit CCBC’s campus to take a placement test and meet with an academic advisor in order to determine eligibility. In order to receive a discounted tuition rate, class registration should take place through RBS Administration.


There is no cost to apply to CCBC or to take a placement test. CCBC is offering a reduced tuition rate to RBS students, and the total cost of each class will be based on tuition and all associated class fees. A parent or guardian must sign a permission form authorizing all costs of each class to be billed directly to the student’s RBS account.

It is highly recommended that each family request a full quote from CCBC for each class before enrolling. Parents and students will be responsible to pay for any textbooks required for each CCBC course. The cost of this program will be in addition to a student’s RBS tuition rate for the year. 



  • Fundamentals of Communication (CMNS 101)
  • Introduction to Statistical Methods (MATH 153) – Business Elective
  • Logic and Object -Oriented Design (CSIT 111)
  • Technology and Information Systems (CSIT 101)

Core Classes

  • College Composition I (EN101)
  • College Composition II (EN102)
  • College Algebra (MATH163)
  • Precalculus (MATH165)
  • Applied Algebra with Trigonometry (MATH135)
  • All fall electives as scheduled by CCBC


CCBC offers classes in different schedules. Please connect with Mrs. Jennifer Dieter at jdieter@rbspanthers.org. for the current dual enrollment schedules.

Because openings for each class are limited, students are encouraged to begin the registration process as quickly as possible. Any student who will be participating in the dual enrollment program should contact the school office before beginning the registration process.