Technology Integration

RBS recognizes that technology in education is a powerful tool, and we are committed to equipping every teacher and classroom with technology that will enhance the academic program at RBS. Currently all classes from Grades 1-12 are equipped with either LCD projectors or Mimio smart projectors along with additional technology such as Mimio Vote, Mimio Teach, Mimio View, and Apple hardware.

Mimio technology functions as an interactive white board to transform a normal whiteboard into a smart, interactive digital board. This technology enables teachers to incorporate a host of teaching tools in the classroom while also including student interactive response. Our Mimio technology includes a high definition camera that magnifies objects and can be used to see science come alive. Mimio technology also includes student response voting technology which helps teachers to immediately gain feedback on the class’s ability to understand new material.

High school teachers are equipped with classroom iPads which provide each teacher with powerful tools to enhance RBS’s academic program. Apple hardware and classroom projectors in each classroom enable each teacher to convert this mobile device into a dynamic classroom learning tool. Teachers are able to implement more visual and interactive tools into their teaching, use multiple applications that promote new concepts, reinforce difficult content, and review testing material.