Fine Arts

Rosedale Baptist School provides performance opportunities to all of its students through the various Parent-Teacher Fellowships and school programs. In addition, students in grades 4-6, grades 7–8, and grades 9–12 participate in the Maryland Association of Christian Schools (MACS) competitions on three levels. Some areas of participation include speech, choral music, art, and photography. Students in grades 9-12 also have the opportunity to qualify for national competition which is held at Bob Jones University in Greenville, SC.

2017 Winners

Elementary Fine Arts

Large Ladies Ensemble – 1st Place
Vocal Choir – 1st Place (Grades 4-6)
Vocal Solo – 2nd Place (Sarah McCubbin)
Vocal Solo – 3rd Place (Kelly Crawford)
Vocal Duet – 1st Place (Sarah McCubbin; Nicole Suarez)
Vocal Duet – 3rd Place (Kelly Crawford; Liel Crawford)

Monochromatic – 2nd Place  (Abiella Berhanu)
Polychromatic – 3rd Place (Kevin Whittington, III)
Sculpture – 3rd Place (Lauren Isaacs)

Memory – 2nd Place (Mayah Njoroge – 1st Grade)
Memory – 2nd Place (MJ Femi-Falodun)
Preaching – 1st Place (Kojo Imbeah)
Preaching – 2nd Place (Cody Angel)
Teaching – 2nd Place (Chloe Angel)
Teaching – 3rd Place (Kinsey Angel)

Speech & Writing

Poetry – 3rd Place (Tosin Oyewole)

Oral Interpretation – 3rd Place (Sarah McCubbin)

Duet Acting – 3rd Place (Kinsey Angel & Chloe Angel)

Creative Writing- Poetry – 1st Place (Claire Ellis)

Creative Writing- Poetry – 2nd Place (Ayden Simmons)

Academic Testing

4th Grade Arithmetic – 2nd Place (Jake Errett)

4th Grade History – 2nd Place (Zachary Warren)

4th Grade Science – 3rd Place (Liel Crawford)

5th Grade Arithmetic – 2nd Place (Sarah McCubbin)

5th Grade Arithmetic – 3rd Place (Claire Ellis)

5th Grade Language – 2nd Place (Sarah McCubbin)

5th Grade History – 1st Grade (Claire Ellis)

5th Grade History – 2nd Place (Peter Andrada)

5th Grade Science – 1st Place (Claire Ellis)

5th Grade Science – 3rd Place (Peter Andrada)

6th Grade Language – 1st Place (Kinsey Angel)

6th Grade History – 1st Place (Cody Angel)

6th Grade Science – 1st Place (Cody Angel)

Junior High Fine Arts

Academics-Science – 1st Place (Abegail Batoy)
Academics-English – 3rd Place (Abegail Batoy)
Academics-New Testament Survey- 3rd Place (Abegail Batoy)
Academics- Old Testament Survey – 3rd Place (Abegail Batoy)
Bible Teaching- 1st Place (Kinsey Angel)
Bible Preaching-Topical – 1st Place (Cody Angel)
Speech – Duet Acting 2nd Place (Cody Angel & Kinsey Angel

Small Vocal Ensemble-– 1st Place
String Solo- 1st Place (Nathan Rohm)
Choral Group – 2nd Place                                              Classical Piano Solo- 2nd Place (Addison Schuman)  
Female Vocal Solo- 3rd Place (Ashiya Tripline)
Male Vocal Solo- 3rd Place (Cody Angel)
Woodwind Solo- 3rd Place (Xavier Sabre)

Polychromatic- 1st Place (Abegail Batoy)
Sculpture – 1st Place (Megan Dooms )
Mixed Media – 2nd Place (Tori Bowman)
Acrylic Painting – 3rd Place (Ana Bautista )

High School Fine Arts

Academics-Biology – 1st Place (Benjamin Rohm)
Academics-History – 1st Place (Benjamin Rohm)
Academics-Physics – 3rd Place (Benjamin Rohm)
Bible Preaching-Expository – 1st Place (Andrew Cole)
Bible Teaching – 1st Place (Jessica Joyce)
Dramatic Interpretation – 1st Place (Andrew Cole)
Choric Speaking – 2nd Place (RBS Choric Speakers)

Classical Piano Solo– 2nd Place (Keely Reinert)
Woodwind Solo – 2nd Place (Lily Martini)                        Woodwind Solo – 3rd Place (Muthoni Kiguru)
Sacred Piano Solo – 3rd Place (Benjamin Rohm)
Large Vocal Ensemble – 3rd Place

People/ Animals Photography – 1st Place (Taylor Scheidt)
Calligraphy – 1st Place (Mackenzie Scheidt)                        Monochromatic – 1st Place (Madison Keller)
Polychromatic – 1st Place (Destin Kah)                              Acrylic Painting – 1st Place (Keely Reinert)                        Sculpture – 1st Place (Theresa Keller)
Garment Construction – 1st Place (Lily Martini)                Textiles – 2nd Place (Lilly Martini)
Polychromatic – 2nd Place (Madee Andrada)
Calligraphy – 3rd Place (Taylor Scheidt)